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Zobs, former human now harpy druid, is a member of Paladine's Crew that is sailing through the sky on the airship Wings of Paladine. He is always accompanied by his two pseudo dragons Fluff and Aw. His greatest fear is to loose his bag of holding – once again – right behind being afraid of running out of booze and drugs.

Recently elevated to the esteemed rank of Archdruid, Zobs has embraced a new purpose on his journey. Fueled by a profound desire for redemption, he sets out to save the Fey, ruled by the enchanting Queen Titania. Additionally, he seeks to rescue the sacred mother tree, Sejijiradin, the heart of Dryads. This quest represents Zobs' first significant step towards atonement for the misdeeds of his past, a history that the mysterious Rosa from the Blue House could undoubtedly recount in vivid detail. As Zobs navigates the skies, he strives to balance the weight of his past transgressions with the newfound responsibility bestowed upon him as the Archdruid, knowing that the fate of Fey and Dryads alike rests upon his wings.

Postcard, pearl (white background)
Ed. of 20
14,8 x 10,5 cm

Postcards available

Paladine's Crew

Fine Art Print on cotton paper, pearl
Ed. of 3
36 x 93 cm

Prints available

Technique: Pencil, Copic Multiliner, Copic markers, mask and background in Photoshop

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