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Captain Edward Binks, half-elf rogue assassin, currently captain of the airship Wings of Paladine and its crew. They sail (fly) unter the flag of Westwacht.

Ed was abandoned at sea as a child. Left on his own on the high seas, he quickly learned to prevail. Soon he was hired as a cabin boy on the Corvette South Arrow under Captain Eldren Kuril's flag. On the second voyage, another cabin boy, a half-dragon named Walaris Drake, was assigned to assist him. It was not long before the two of them became friends. Their talks very often turned on Karyllia's promise of wealth, land and power. This awakened the desire for adventure in both of them. After a few years, when they went ashore at the same port once again, they decided to start their own crew.

Postcard, pearl (white background)
Ed. of 20
14,8 x 10,5 cm

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First mate Agavi

Agavi, a skilled and experienced sailor, was initially tasked with serving as the first mate aboard the "Wings of Paladine," a sturdy vessel belonging to Captain Edward Binks. Under his command, Agavi and the crew navigated treacherous waters and encountered various challenges, always working together to overcome any obstacles in their path.

Ferryman and his crew
Ferryman and his crew

However, their journey took a dark turn when Captain Binks met his untimely demise at the hands of Asmundeus, the lord of the underworld. But this was not the end, as E'Asa, goddess of festivities and laughter, with whom the captain had a common past, reincarnated him and the rest of the crew to serve a new purpose.

With the bond formed between the goddess and the ship, the "Wings of Paladine" became the Ferry for Souls of the dead, with the captain and crew serving as ferryman. Agavi, now a trusted member of the team, embraced their new role with a sense of duty and honor, working tirelessly to ensure that all souls were transported safely across the river Styx.

Hermes, the Ferry of Souls
Hermes, the Ferry of Souls

Until this day, the Ferry for Souls, continues to fulfill its purpose, transporting the departed across the river Styx to the realm beyond. Agavi, alongside Captain Binks and the devoted crew, tirelessly guides souls to their final resting place, ensuring the eternal cycle of life and death endures. It's a daunting task, but they take pride in their strength, skill, and courage to see it through.

Paladine's Crew

Fine Art Print on cotton paper, pearl
Ed. of 3
36 x 93 cm

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Technique: Pencil, Copic Multiliner, Copic markers, mask and background in Photoshop

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